Supporting healthcare professionals to guide asthma patients on effective self-management during COVID-19

The following article is intended for healthcare professionals

The COVID-19 outbreak will have a long-lasting impact on the way we live and think about our health for generations to come. For the estimated 339 million people living with asthma1, the pandemic is particularly concerning. For most people with well-controlled asthma, there is no evidence of increased risk in contracting COVID-19, nor developing complications of it so far2.  But effective management of asthma is still extremely important.

During this extraordinary period, AstraZeneca is committed to standing in solidarity with the entire global respiratory community – supporting healthcare professionals to work with patients to better control their condition at a time when health systems are overstretched.

There is a staggering amount of information available on COVID-19 and management of chronic respiratory diseases. Therefore, it’s important that patients be sign-posted towards clinical information they can trust.

It is important that people with asthma have access to the best quality 资讯rmation on how asthma should be managed, which will then help them understand what to expect from their healthcare providers, as well as their treatment and how to recognise when to seek medical assistance.

Dr Mark L Levy member of the Global Steering Group on Improving Asthma Outcomes

We’ve collaborated with two leading respiratory experts, Dr Mark L Levy and Professor Alvaro Cruz – members of the Global Asthma Steering Group – to develop Asthma management during COVID-19, a guidance specifically for healthcare professionals as they continue to support their patients on how to manage their asthma in a COVID-19 context. We hope this resource simplifies the essential clinical guidance needed to help ensure patients get the accurate information they need to effectively and confidently self-manage their asthma.

Defeating COVID-19 requires a collective effort from everyone and we are committed to playing our part consistent with our values. We stand with the global asthma community with a commitment to continue to do the right thing, ensure the continued supply of our medicines to patients, and to safeguard the health and wellbeing of all our employees and communities – both during this exceptionally challenging time and in the future.



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